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An ancient realm on the brink of annihilation. Three heroes under the spiritual guidance of a mighty dragon-guardian, united on a mission to save the vast and diverse lands of Nogard from chaos and extinction. Shards of Nogard is a powerful, evocative fantasy adventure game that will surprise you with fastpaced combat, mind-boggling puzzles, beautiful hand-crafted environments and an immersive story about the eternal battle between the sanguine powers of fire and blood on the one hand, and the unyielding strength of hope on the other.

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Developed by a young and passionate team hailing from diverse countries and backgrounds, Shards of Nogard aspires to be a truly magical tale about maintaining hope and purpose in a disenchanted world consumed by the insatiable flames of war. Striking a fine balance between a platformer game and a colourful action RPG, players can switch back and forth between three different character: the optimistic and hedonistic warlord Torus, the stern and sometimes overthinking magician Alva, and the cynical yet hopelessly romantic assassin Zonder.

Viking Torus

Assassin Zonder

Mage Alva

Each of the three characters have a history of their own, which can be explored through in-game interactions, dialogues, and mini questlines. Using these three unique characters and their specific skills, players can craft their own distinct experience and hone develop their personal playstyle as they jump, hack and slash their way through haunted forests, cursed underwater realms and raging hellfire. As players search for the shards of Nogard to restore an ancient artifact that will restore peace and harmony, they will explore a handcrafted world full of adorable NPCs, sly and shady characters and breath-taking cities and sceneries. Take a break from all the fighting and solve a puzzle. Or talk your way through branching dialogues, make friends, and receive gifts and useful information that will make you better prepared than ever.

Shards of Nogard is full of little gems and special touches that will reward any playstyle. What is more, the three heroes are not alone on their journey. While players fight their way through legions of enemies ranging from shrewd imps to demons as old as time itself, they can cast devastating spells and call on quirky, yet powerful companions for support. Summon a proud Pegasus to carry you across obstacles or call an enchanted Sea Unicorn to assist you as you fight your way through armies of giant frogs and creepy Squidmen. Use arcane cannons and other obscure weapons. Or, if everything else fails, call the mighty azure dragon Sarym to come to your aid. One thing is for certain: Shards of Nogard is bound to light up your imagination like a grand display of fireworks.

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Are you an endorphin junkie? Test your mettle on the battlegrounds of Nogard and show off your skills. Or do you prefer to turn around every stone in the game world, looking for easter eggs and surprises? Take your time. We put our hearts, minds and all our creativity into the living, breathing world of Nogard, so we can promise you plenty of discoveries and unexpected little twists if you pay close attention to your environment and Nogard’s many inhabitants.

In the spirit of traditional platformers, the storyline in Shards of Nogard is linear and can be resolved through quick reflexes, smart tactical combat and unrelenting determination. However, Nogard has more in stock for all those who want more than just action. While the final is goal is to restore the Tearglass Goblet from the five ancient shards of Nogard and yield it as a powerful weapon against the corrupted Dragon Myras and the power-hungry sorcerer Lord Wifryn, there is so much more to do for players than just fighting. Hidden puzzles create room for contemplation and raise philosophical questions. Branching dialogues bring a chance for players to unlock powerful weapons and artifacts or to uncover important mysteries. In Shards of Nogard, your dialogue interactions and choices may not shape the main storyline, but they fundamentally shape who you are and what your options are.

Pretty much like in real life, you can make friends and enemies. Use your companions wisely and always think through your options, not only when you let your weapons do the talking. The result will be a game experience that rewards you with true immersion and a sense of magic and discovery that will carry over into your daily lives! For us as a team, that really is the key goal – to bring more magic to your lives. If we accomplish that, we will consider Shards of Nogard a true success.

Meet Our Team


Ivan Kisiček

Game Developer

Yannick Lengkeek

Writer / Game Designer

Samuel Stalder

Sound Composer

Keren Isabel Navarro La Paz

Background / Environment Artist

Lyubov Avdeeva

Character Artist

Moldir Adilshinova

Concept Artist

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